How Acupuncture Can Help us during COVID19

Is acupuncture possible for Coronavirus?

One of the biggest problems in this time of coronavirus mania is the loss of our daily routine. People who are used to going to work, engaging in sports or other social activities, and other familiar routines are unable to do to due to various government quarantine restrictions.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the daily routine is of utmost importance. It is important to get up, sleep, eat, go to work, exercise and try to travel during regular times of the day. Of course, some adjustments must be made for the seasons of the year.

Even worse, some people are unable to utilize their usual coping mechanisms. Social and religious gatherings are prohibited. People are stuck at home and the inability to perform daily duties properly is a cause of stress.

With COVID-19, the lockdown measures used to contain coronavirus spread makes this difficult if not impossible. Grocery queues are long and both public and private transportation is in extreme difficulty.

Disruption of the Yin-Yang Energy Flow

More than the disrupted routine, it is the lack of a feeling of control that is most damaging. Will the quarantine be modified? Will it be extended? When will I be able to work? How will I pay my bills?

It is truly a source of unnatural anxiety and frustration.

In Chinese Medicine, emotions and health are intimately connected. The emotions of anger and frustation affect the Liver. The Liver is the “Military General” of the body and it’s main job in TCM is to ensure the proper flow of Qi. If the proper flow of Qi is disrupted, it is seen to cause ailments ranging from muscle aches and pains, to headaches, to menstrual irregularities, and others.

Another example would be too much worrying dealing with uncertainties during these times which in TCM, affects the spleen. This in turn will affect our digestion, blood formation and nutrient absorption.

Besides emotions, other factors such as environment, diet, hereditary and lifestyle also contribute to the development of imbalances causing disease.

Acupuncture for Coronavirus Stress

Acupuncture is used already as an adjunct treatment in China directly to help COVID-19 patients. But even if you aren’t infected with coronavirus, acupuncture can also help you just to cope with the stresses involved with the uncertainties of dealing with COVID. In addition, acupuncture helps promote blood circulation, helps with good sleep, removes stagnation, thus increasing our immunity help to fight against COVID.

How Acupuncture Can Help

  • Acupuncture helps with sleep and enhances mental clarity.
  • Acupuncture helps with aches and pains. This mental stress can
    lead to physical manifestations of pain. Shoulder and lower back aches are quite common with stressed patients.
  • Acupuncture releases stress relieving hormones.
  • Acupuncture decreases anxiety and calms the spirit.
  • ACUPUNCTURE BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM. Together with proper balanced diet and proper rest, acupuncture helps us to be healthy and get rid those little munchkins getting into our body.

Author: Dr Fatima Lao Tan, Head Integrative Medicine Department, VRP

Medical Billing

Medical billing integrates the health care industry into the fitness industry!

It is observed that more than 71 Million US population are transitioning towards fitness clubs. The health care providers can assist to contribute to the further growth for the health club industry by associating with medical billing and coding professionals. As, people as well as their physicians are consulting fitness training to organically achieve quality health measurements.

Medical billers and coders can help both of the channels to communicate with each other and provide the following benefits to the population;

  1. Reduce health care costs:

The rising chronic health conditions create productive and real opportunities for the fitness industry. According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, every 6th in 10 Americans is diagnosed with a chronic ailment including the patients of; cardiovascular disease, depression and diabetes, among many others. These conditions may cost the expenses up to $2 trillion of the now $3.6 trillion annual costs of health care in the United States.

The passive lifestyle, reduced physical exercise, depression and diabetes are major causes that attribute to the development of other chronic diseases. According to a recent episode of ABC Financial’s Fitness Industry Innovation podcast, Reshape MD CEO Jeff Skeen proposed his views regarding the integration of healthcare and fitness. The fitness industry can integrate with health care industry and provide them therapeutic services to promote physical fitness among population. They can help the population to consume less amount of medicines and other complementary medical services, and cure their diseases by developing muscle strength and bone density with proper physical training. Now, people can co-pay the charges of their physicians and their fitness training under the consideration of fixed policy due to the involvement of medical billing and coding services.

  • Change the Sedentary lifestyle:

Sedentary or passive lifestyle-relative illness is more often observed in the American population. Due to the ease of everything, provided by the abundance of assisting technology, people are more divergent to sedentary lifestyle. The fitness trainers can help the patients to solve their health crisis with innovative equipment, suitable support and safe training. This motivation keeps the patients to stay physically active year-around and prevent them from chronic diseases. In fact, physicians can follow CPT codes for describing and recording appropriate detail for the specific fitness training required for their patients.

  • Improve medical delivery model:

When it comes to fitness training and benefits of physical exercise, it helps the consumers to become CEOsof their own health and well-being. Emerging technologies, boomer demographic trends and patients are paying optimum out of their pockets to the fitness centers. As, they can afford the consistent charges of the fitness center more easily instead of the traditional medication. Health insurance companies or secondary payers have to just claim the payment against the consistent charges. Medical billers are already known with the predefined CPT codes that consist of multiple fitness services.

  • Promotes Health Innovation:

People often don’t diverge themselves towards the fitness industry, due to their charges. As most of the fitness industries tend to perform their collection management by themselves, as by doing it in their own firms won’t let them manage their receivables according to any regulations defined by Government to the health care industry. If the fitness industry complies with the health care industry, they need to involve medical billing and coding specialists. They will perform collection management according to the health care rules laid out by HIPAA. This will build a trust-worthy relationship between the fitness and health care industry, which will tend to promote health innovation.

Dr Jerome Tan

Dr Jerome Tan, who had his training on Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Cupping or Ventosa, Moxibustion and Chinese Herbal Medicine) with his wife Dr Fatima Tan at Zhongfang  Hunan, China.

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Path to Fitness

5 steps to getting yourself onto the path to fitness

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes the usual mad rush to shed some pounds in order to look good on that beach vacation. Desperate attempts to exercise, crash diets and even starvation are the lengths that people will go to in a last-ditch effort for that summer holiday.

That makes it the perfect time of year to think about sustainable, long-term exercise that lasts all year round rather than just when you’re planning on jetting off to warmer climates for a couple of weeks.

By making an effort to become fitter, you’ll be able to look good on a beach no matter what time of year it is. You’ll also be improving your health, extending your life expectancy, and becoming an all-round happier person.

The thought of getting fit can seem daunting at first, but the payoff is worth it. To get you started, here are the steps you need to take to get yourself onto the path to fitness.

Have the right attitude

You might think that getting fit requires the muscles and moving parts of the body to be working at their strongest, but it is actually the brain, which is the critical component. Your mind can be the difference between succeeding and failing at your goal.

Like any significant changes, getting fit takes time, and success may not come straight away. Despite the inevitable setbacks that will happen, such as when you don’t lose as much weight as you expected you would, you need to maintain a positive attitude. Believe you can do it and chances are you will – the most important thing is never to give up.

Take part in physical activity

The best way to improve your fitness levels is to take part in strenuous physical activity. The good news is that there is such a variety that there is going to be something out there to suit everyone, no matter what their budget or time restraints may be.

Take Parkrun, for example. This free event takes place every Saturday and is a timed and organized 5k run around a park. All that you need to take part is a set of trainers and a Parkrun barcode, which you can print from the internet for free and which gives you your time at the end. Anyone can take part, and it’s a great way to get you into running.

If running isn’t your thing, then you could join a gym. Or if the idea of working out in front of other people scares you as it does large numbers of Americans, then why not pay for some gym equipment for your home?

There are two positives to this approach. One is that you can then exercise in the comfort of your own home, no matter what the weather is doing nor what time it is. The second is that if you’ve paid to install gym equipment, chances are you’ll want to get your money’s worth and so you will feel duty-bound to use it.

Secondhand gym equipment can be bought for a fairly reasonable price.If you want to kit your home out with brand new equipment but can’t afford it, then why not take out a loan from Bonsai Finance to pay for it? You can read this for more information on the services they offer.

Play sports

While the likes of running and going to the gym are the most effective ways to get fit; you can also take up sports as a means of improving your fitness levels. Playing tennis or squash against your friends will get your heart pumping, and the competitiveness will spur you on to push yourself harder than you might if you were just exercising alone.

You could even join a sports club to meet likeminded people. Not only will signing up for the local soccer or track team improve your fitness levels, but you’ll also be opening yourself up to a whole new social circle of individuals who all share your passion for sport and getting fit. That can only be a good thing in terms of keeping you on track to achieve your goals.

Keep a fitness diary

The best way to convince your mind that your new fitness regime is taking effect is to keep a fitness diary in which you record virtually everything that you do that pertains to your physical wellbeing.

Write down how much exercise you did and how long for each day. If you ran 3k or swam 20 lengths at the local pool, make a note of it. Then, when you look back through in a week’s time after running 5k or swimming 25 lengths, you’ve got tangible evidence of improvement.

There are all kinds of fitness apps available now, which allow you to input your exercise for that day or even track your run by GPS. Apps like Strava which attracts a million new users every 40 days even allow your friends to give you ‘kudos’ for the exercise you’ve done, encouraging you to do more and allowing them to share in the excitement of your progress.

Start eating right

Exercise will only get you so far – it has to go hand in hand with healthy eating as well if you want to truly increase your fitness levels. After all, there is little point burning lots of calories only to spend the next two days living off fast food. Switch to wholegrain foods, replace unhealthy snacks like potato chips and candy with fruit and vegetables, and drink lots of water – up to 2 liters a day.

That may not sound like much fun, but there is good news; because of all the exercise you’ll be doing, you need to eat lean foods as well to keep your protein levels topped up. That’s lean meat, eggs and at least one meal a week which consists of fresh seafood. The point is, you can still have a tasty diet even when you are trying to get fit.


What is Headache?


Headache is a common issue faced by every second individual today. It’s a pain that arises between the neck and head due to many reasons. Also, it occurs in migraine and happens due to the tension that might be the leading cause of headache. Everyone experiences headache issue and you won’t find even a single person on this planet earth who would not have faced this problem. It’s a very common issue that people face today, but how to get rid of a headache is the question here. How to reduce severe headache really matters here? If you are suffering from a headache, then what do you do to avoid it. Do you take any medicine? It’s the most common habit found in people that they do go for medication when facing severe headache. The question is how one can reduce headache without getting pills.

How to Reduce Severe Headache?

How to get rid of a headache? If you are looking for the answer, then do follow some simple tips that can guide you to a great extent. Just lie down and ask someone to have a soft massage on your head if you are suffering from severe headache. It’s the best solution for those who search how to relieve headache. Interested people can also visit to gain some valuable information about headache and its necessary removal. How to make a headache go away? Just try the above link, you can easily find some valuable tips on reducing headache.

Some Effective Headache Removal Tips!

If you feel severe headache, then sit down if you are standing and busy doing some work. Just sit and feel relax whenever suffering headache. This will calm down the blood circulation whenever you are in such pain. The headache usually increases the blood circulation when you lie down, hence it calms down the circulation of blood and also reduces the level of pain.

If you are having a headache you can take a hot water shower. Why hot water shower? It is because the hot water helps blood vessels to expand in the right direction that helps to reduce headache.

Ice cubes can also be applied on the head just to get cool feelings. The ice gradually reduces down the headache and keeps level cool. This is how to stop a headache!

If you are not able to find any perfect solution for headache removal, then better get some sleep. Sometimes, the restless body also becomes the cause of headache that can be avoided when you are getting 8 hours sleep. Now you get the best answer on how to treat a headache. One can’t ignore sleeping factor if the target is to reduce the headache. Sleep plays an essential role in one’s life especially for reducing the headache. Never compromise on your sleep as it makes you feel active and all your headache goes away when you wake up. If you seriously want to avoid headache issues, then follow our tips.