Simple Remedies to Get Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are little bumps appearing on your skin as a result of clogged hair follicles. They are clogged with dirt and hence problematic to deal with. Usually, they appear on the face but can also be found on the neck, back, chest, arms and shoulders. Most medical practitioners consider blackheads as the first level of acne. Not having the right hydration for your body can catalyze the development of blackheads. The affected surface is usually dark or black and hence the name blackheads. In this article, we explore the common causes, natural home remedies and the tools available for blackhead removal on your body.

Common Causes of Blackheads on Nose

Blackheads form as soon as a clog develops in the opening of your hair follicles. Each of the hair follicle has an oil producing sebaceous gland and one hair. The softness of your skin is a result of the produced oil called sebum. These oils and the dead cells originating from your skin form a bump known as comedo. If this bump remains closed, it is referred to as a whitehead. Once it opens up, it is exposed to factors such as air, bacteria and dirt causing it to turn black and hence forming a blackhead. The common causes of blackheads on your skin therefore include:

  • a) Oily skin – if your body produces too much oil.
  • b) Irritation of hair follicles – this is mainly caused by the presence of dead cells on your skin.
  • c) Buildup of Propioni bacterium acnes bacteria on your skin.
  • d) Increased oil production due to hormonal changes especially during menstruation and pregnancy period.
  • e) Taking drugs like lithium, androgen and corticosteroids.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads: EVERYTHING about Blackhead

Before and After Blackheads

Blackhead removal can be done using a number of methods. They include over the counter treatments, prescription medications, manual methods, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and light therapy. Some of these methods are natural and home-based. We explore some of the home-based remedies for removing blackheads.

  1. Use of honey and cinnamon – being a natural antibiotic, honey will assist in pulling out the dirt from the open pores.
  2. Use of egg-white mask – this assists in tightening pores and pulling out any clogged dirt for a smoother skin.
  3. Use of oatmeal and yogurt – you can create blackhead blocking formula using the mixture of yogurt and oatmeal. This formula can then be applied on the affected area to assist in blackhead removal.
  4. Use of a salt cleansing solution – you can mix Epsom salt with iodine to form a bacteria fighting combo ideal for blackhead removal.

 How to Get Rid of Blackheads the Right Way

In order to make your blackhead removal process as smooth as possible, you need to do it the right way. You can do it right by:

  • Minimizing exfoliation – whereas chemical exfoliants are good for removing excess oil, overusing them can actually cause you more harm than good. You should therefore minimize physical exfoliation to your skin to only once or twice per week.
  • Not picking – it is very tempting to pick a pop-up on your skin but this has damaging effect on your skin. In addition to causing skin trauma, picking up opens raw skin and hence exposing you to infections.You should therefore try not to pick.
  • Extracting – extracting is not as bad as picking as long as it is done correctly. Proper skin preparation is the first step in doing it right while extracting. For instance you can clean your face using a mild cleanser or using steam to open up the pores and soften the hardened oil. You can do extraction immediately after a shower. Use of moisturizer can also help to trap the heat inside which is good for extraction process.
  • Using extraction techniques – you can do extraction using a tool or using your fingers. Employing proper technique during extraction will ensure little or no harm to your skin. Some tools like come done extractor are recommended to avoid darkening your skin and overstimulating melanin cells during extraction. You can still use your fingers but ensure you spread them out so that the extraction is much easier and from the deeper levels of your skin. Avoid using your nails so that you don’t puncture your skin.
  • Letting go – some of the blackheads are stubborn and should be let go to avoid damaging your skin. Your first target should be the dark ones but if any of them doesn’t pop out, move to the next one. You can give up to three trials after which you let go.
  • Moisturizing – not moisturizing enough can lead to imbalance in the oil levels within your skin. Whereas heavy oils like avocado can clog pores, lack of it causes the skin to have more breakouts. Skin moisture will therefore ensure there is a normal flow of oil from the pores of your skin.
  • Avoiding a magnifying mirror – whereas it is a good idea to look into a magnifying mirror, the super close view sometimes can confuse you on what really needs to be removed. It is better to avoid using these mirrors in order to minimize magnifying the problem.

The Best Tools To Remove Deep Blackheads

The blackhead removal tools should be made from good quality stainless steel material. A trusted brand that is easy to use and clean will guarantee you better results. One way of getting such a product is to look at the customer reviews for the different brands on the market. The best tools for blackhead removal include:

  • Skinmiso Comedo Remover – this is a high quality stainless steel and pore expert brand designed to effectively remove deep and stubborn blackheads.
  • Skinmiso pore beauty nose pack – this is a three step product designed to remove blackheads on the nose. This product can help you to remove excess blackheads without extending your pores.

. Proper approach to blackhead removal is the only way to get quick and effective results. We have also seen that blackheads can actually be removed without necessarily damaging your skin. The magic you need to restore the beauty of your skin can be summarized into three words: Cleanse, Apply and Moisturize.


Essential Oils

Essential Oils

The 7 Essential Oils that Calm Stress and Anxiety

According to different studies, specific scents can have enormous effects on your moods and emotions. It is believed that essential oils have a direct effect on parts of the human brain that handles stress, depression, and anxiety through their aromatic molecules that are capable of going past the blood barrier in the brain.

While these essential oils cannot cure cases of stress and anxiety on their own, they have been passed to help in calming stress and anxiety levels among individuals. Currently, there is a claim for a countless number of oils that do the trick, but in this article, we shall highlight 7 of the best as referenced by millions of users across the globe. Dr. Oz made a powerful revelation regarding Garcinia cambogia as a weight loss remedy, and today it is one of the household names in weight loss solutions. The same way, the following essential oils (EOs) have become popular with users who want to have relaxed minds.

#1. Lavender – It is one of the most popular oils trusted for its magical aroma that helps ease the mind of stress and anxiety. It is an extraction from the famous lavender flowers through a careful distillation process and is made up of more than 150 components necessary for the calming effect. Buyers looking to purchase original lavender oil are advised to beware of counterfeits that usually contain high amounts of cineol and low in esters.

#2. Roman chamomile – Chamomile has several uses to humans, a good reason why it has been in use for more than 2 centuries. Most people have used or at least heard about chamomile tea, but they might not know how powerful it is as an essential oil for calming the effects of depression. Its sweet fruity aroma makes it distinguishable among other popular scents, and can be used to ease cases of insomnia and muscle tension.

#3. Rose geranium – It has a lovely scent that is loved by most people in the world, and has been proven to help improve hormonal balance among individuals, and at the same time create a relaxed mood. Smelling it also helps soothe the central nervous system, thus making you feel better all day.

#4. Bergamot – This is an essential oil extracted from raw citrus fruit, and just like other listed oils can be used to good effect in relaxing the mind. An exclusive study showed that bergamot helps in minimizing corticosterone responses to stress and also corrects the HPA axis activity.

#5. Sandalwood – A unique oil with a woodsy aroma that does more than just calming stress and depression. Its magical aroma has been used in terminal illnesses effectively to help with insomnia.

#6. Clary sage – This is another powerful substance that has immense effects on stressed individuals. According to a study carried out in a Korean University, students taking a stress test using a combination of clary sage and other essential oils recorded less anxiety cases.

#7. Jasmine – Jasmine should be one of the most powerful essential oils to ever be used for calming anxiety. Some scholars have even equated it to the popular drug Valium that helps patients in calming nerves. Jasmine naturally boosts the GABA activity in the brain to regulate over-excitement, stress, and patient anxiety.

How to use these essential oils to good effect

There are several ways that you use to attain the desired results from your essential oils. You can choose to inhale, defuse, massage, add to your bath water, or even apply on your pillow. Ideally, all you want is to have that fragrance of your magical essential oil all around you. People have used it in their cars, offices, and their bedrooms, provided it doesn’t cause any bad effect to the immediate environment.