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5 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Warm Water That You Would Like To Know!

Lot has been published about benefits of water till date, and most of us know that it is important to have 8 to 10 glasses of water per day for proper functioning of body as water is most essential for our survival. So, now if you have started enjoying the benefits of water then it is time to look into the health benefits of warm water. The health quotient of water can be increased considerably by rising its temperature a bit or by matching the temperature of drinking water to your body temperature. Many people don’t have idea that there are exclusive advantages of drinking hot or warm water which cold water doesn’t provide.

Check out these 5 amazing beneficial aspects to know more!

  1. Supports your stomach

Warm water neutralizes the food acids and breaks it down for quicker digestion. The partial digestion of food carried out by warm water would make the task easier for the stomach by reducing the load of digestion. The energy consumed by the stomach in the process of digestion is saved to perform other body functions properly. Warm water consumption also cleans up the oil accumulated in esophagus, keeping it free of germs and other impurities. Have warm water before going to sleep for complete cleaning of digestive tract. You can also put some turmeric to it for its antibiotic properties.

Not drinking enough water results in dehydration which can create severe problems like constipation. Movement of bowel becomes slow. It is highly recommended that one should drink a glass of hot water on empty stomach. It soothes the stomach movements and makes it less painful.

  1. Weight loss

Weight loss can be no better than this! Hot water maintains healthy metabolism which helps in reducing weight. Warm water on empty stomach works amazingly. It helps in reducing body fat from everywhere. Warm water attacks the fat deposits in body and removes the stubborn fat slowly. Studies have shown that warm water rises the body temperature, which makes the body work extra to get back to the normal temperature.  The extra work carried out by your body would burn more calories and hence increase the metabolism, which would further result into faster weight loss. Start your day with a glass of warm water and lemon to enjoy enhanced health benefits.

  1. Say bye to constipation

The main reason for constipation is hard and dry stool because of low water intake. Warm water softens the food remains and ensures easy movement. It also removes bloating of stomach. Having warm water in the morning with a spoonful of fenugreek seeds may remove even the chronic constipation. Warm water intake during the day would keep the food waste in intestine broken, soft, and lubricated to fight constipation. Those suffering from piles and fissures may increase the warm water intake.

Hot water helps in digestion also. If you drink cold water during meals then it can be harmful in perspective of intestines. Because it can make the oil hard to digest which is present in food you already consumed or going to eat resulting in depositing fat in the inner walls of intestines. And which can even cause cancer. Instead of cold water warm water helps making the digestion process easy and keeps balance in body. If digestion is good then it improves bowel movements and prevents constipation.


  1. Nasal congestion and sore throat

Drinking hot or warm water is the main remedy for cough and cold. It liquefies mucus and also helps to remove it from your breathing area.Sore throat and nasal congestion result from the mucus buildup in sinus glands, respiratory tract, and nasal cavities. The growth of bacteria and virus in this area results into sore throat and other respiratory tract infections. Warm water softens mucus and removes the mucus accumulation in the nasal area. This will offer comfort in conditions like sore throat and nasal congestion.

  1. Detoxification

The most important and primary advantage of drinking warm water is the vital detoxification of body.  Increase in body temperature due to warm water consumption is brought down through sweating, which flushes out the toxins. Keep warm water handy to sip it at regular intervals during the day. This will make the process of detoxification constant and efficient. It makes the nervous system healthy by not letting the fat depositing inside the body. It improves the blood circulation throughout which maintains proper muscle and nerve activity. For best results, squeeze a lemon and add a few drops of honey to it and drink on empty stomach.

It keeps the head scalp hydrated which prevents dandruff. It activates the roots which help in growing hair on good speed and preventing them from being rough and dry.Drinking warm water is beneficial for skin also. It cleanses your body toxins which make you age faster.Hot water deeplypurifies your body and removes the root causes of acne-related impurities. This results in glowing skin. This helps in menstrual cramps as well. Water heat helps in soothing abdominal muscles preventing cramps and abdominal pain.

Warm water can be consumed plain or with lemon, honey, or any such healthy addition to enjoy the taste while pampering your health.

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