How Acupuncture Can Help us during COVID19

Is acupuncture possible for Coronavirus?

One of the biggest problems in this time of coronavirus mania is the loss of our daily routine. People who are used to going to work, engaging in sports or other social activities, and other familiar routines are unable to do to due to various government quarantine restrictions.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the daily routine is of utmost importance. It is important to get up, sleep, eat, go to work, exercise and try to travel during regular times of the day. Of course, some adjustments must be made for the seasons of the year.

Even worse, some people are unable to utilize their usual coping mechanisms. Social and religious gatherings are prohibited. People are stuck at home and the inability to perform daily duties properly is a cause of stress.

With COVID-19, the lockdown measures used to contain coronavirus spread makes this difficult if not impossible. Grocery queues are long and both public and private transportation is in extreme difficulty.

Disruption of the Yin-Yang Energy Flow

More than the disrupted routine, it is the lack of a feeling of control that is most damaging. Will the quarantine be modified? Will it be extended? When will I be able to work? How will I pay my bills?

It is truly a source of unnatural anxiety and frustration.

In Chinese Medicine, emotions and health are intimately connected. The emotions of anger and frustation affect the Liver. The Liver is the “Military General” of the body and it’s main job in TCM is to ensure the proper flow of Qi. If the proper flow of Qi is disrupted, it is seen to cause ailments ranging from muscle aches and pains, to headaches, to menstrual irregularities, and others.

Another example would be too much worrying dealing with uncertainties during these times which in TCM, affects the spleen. This in turn will affect our digestion, blood formation and nutrient absorption.

Besides emotions, other factors such as environment, diet, hereditary and lifestyle also contribute to the development of imbalances causing disease.

Acupuncture for Coronavirus Stress

Acupuncture is used already as an adjunct treatment in China directly to help COVID-19 patients. But even if you aren’t infected with coronavirus, acupuncture can also help you just to cope with the stresses involved with the uncertainties of dealing with COVID. In addition, acupuncture helps promote blood circulation, helps with good sleep, removes stagnation, thus increasing our immunity help to fight against COVID.

How Acupuncture Can Help

  • Acupuncture helps with sleep and enhances mental clarity.
  • Acupuncture helps with aches and pains. This mental stress can
    lead to physical manifestations of pain. Shoulder and lower back aches are quite common with stressed patients.
  • Acupuncture releases stress relieving hormones.
  • Acupuncture decreases anxiety and calms the spirit.
  • ACUPUNCTURE BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM. Together with proper balanced diet and proper rest, acupuncture helps us to be healthy and get rid those little munchkins getting into our body.

Author: Dr Fatima Lao Tan, Head Integrative Medicine Department, VRP

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