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Helpful Tips to Detox the Liver

You must’ve heard numerous promises of various popular detox remedies that offer incredible ‘guarantees’ such as shedding over five pounds a day or cleansing the entire body with juice. Although the truth may be far from reality, it is evident that people are always on the lookout either to lose weight or to cleanse the bodies. However, you can help your body by staying in optimum shape with a toxin free liver.

At the end of the day one of the biggest and important organs that is possible for keeping you in good health is your liver. It is believed that the liver performs over 400 functions by itself, alone, in the body. It meticulously filters through every single morsel that you put into your body and makes use of whatever is helpful while getting rid of unnecessary products. Hence, it is extremely crucial to be kind to your liver and optimize your diet with healthy foods in order to eliminate your liver from being overburdened.

Let’s look at some of the realistic ways of detoxing your liver that can prevent it from toxic overload, whether it is a regular tune up or a post-party holiday clean up.

Booze is bad. Very bad

No matter what doctors, health experts or wine aficionados claim, all booze is bad for your liver. Period. Your liver definitely hates every kind of booze, even the reddest of wines that claim to be packed with the highest amount of antioxidants than the rest. It is important to note that alcohol in any form is toxin and the liver uses a large amount of energy just in trying to get rid of the alcohol so that the blood can be purified on the phone. During the procedure of purifying the blood due to excessive alcohol in the body, it tends to use the affair amount of metabolic energy that can result in fatigue, sleepiness, sluggishness and weight gain. Avoid all forms of booze; in any case now that the holiday season is over, there is no reason to celebrate other than giving your body a chance to celebrate by being alcohol free.

Liver flush ~ Water, water and more water, and with a dash of lemon

As much as you look forward to be fresh and clean at all times, your liver is also a stickler of cleanliness, and hence what better way of keeping it clean than supplying it with fresh water. Spring water or well water is ideally the best as it contains natural minerals from a healthy source, but remember to ensure that it is environmentally safe and filtered correctly before consuming it. Adding fresh lemon to water can further help alkalising the properties of water and increasing its cleansing functions. All citrus fruits contain vitamin C and essential minerals that can energize the body in functioning optimally and enhancing the procedure of cleansing.Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is like flushing the liver naturally.

Consume right, best liver foods as possible

In order to take care of your liver, it is not important to keep a tab at the number of calories you consume; rather it is important that high-quality foods are eaten. This means that consuming fresh vegetables and fresh fruits whenever possible, especially ones that are organic and packed with chlorophyll, magnesium and essential vitamins are extremely vital for the good health of your liver. Some cracking good choices include apples, squash, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, garlic, collards, onions and kale.

And it definitely goes without saying that bad habits such as smoking and staying out late at nights without proper sleep regularly, is also highly detrimental to your liver, which is why it is important to cut down on both, for a properly functioning and healthy liver.

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